Preparing for sermons, Bible lessons, small group discussions can be very time-consuming, so this page was created to give you all the resources you need to give your BEST for the Kingdom!

If you know of any additional resources, please send an email to – this is an ABSOLUTE must website for every Bible Study leader. This site is great for sermon examples, exegetical study and it includes a great verse-by-verse commentary. – this church in Portland, OR posts all sermons and other valuable downloadable content FOR FREE! – this link is to an exhaustive online commentary by Dr. Thomas Constable, professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. It covers EVERY book of the Bible and goes in-depth for better understanding. – These are the sermon notes of Pastor Brian Bell. He covers every book of the Bible, and in his notes are many practical examples for listeners. After clicking the link, in the middle of the page, there are 3 tabs – Current Messages, Old Testament, and New Testament. Download the notes, and enjoy! – This website allows you to search for anything scripture in the Bible or subject related to Christianity. All information is Bible-based and easy to understand. – If you ever needed an interesting story or fact to make a point in a sermon, this is the site for you! Click and enjoy!