Contact Information

To contact any of these officers, send an email to & it will be routed to the correct person.  Thanks & we are ready to serve!

Elected Officers

President –  Minister Daniel Kennebrew
Vice President – Elder Anthony Miller
Recording Secretary –  Sis. Sharon Johnson-Cherry
Assistant Recording Secretary –  Sis. Yolanda Mondy
Financial Secretary –  Sis. Elisha Campbell
Correspondence Secretary –  Sis. Carolyn M. Winn
Statistical Secretary –  Bro. Kevin N. Golden
Treasurer –  Deacon John T. McDonald
Internal Auditor –  Sis. Norris Booker

Regional Vice-Presidents

Pacific Northwest  – Bro. Larry Wilmore
Western – Sister Jill Gilbert

North Central – Sis. Tiandra Anderson-Bland
South Western – Elder Fred Taylor
South Central – Deacon Henry Jenkins, Jr.
Northern – Sister Francia Ware
South Eastern – Brother Kristopher Smith
Eastern – Elder Quentin Smithers


Arts and Crafts – Sis. Lisa C. Willis
Awards and Special Services – Bro. Marquiavious Hughes
C.C. Carhee Bible Quiz – Elder Bryan and Alicia Jefferson
C.P. Jones Music Contest – Sis. Jessica Gant
Children’s Choir Director – Sis. Caitlyn Beasley

Children’s Convention – Sis. Angela Bryant
Congress Choir Director – Bro. Reginald Golden

Congress Coordinator – Deacon Anthony Tucker
Convention Registrar – Sis. Magolia Castilla

David C. Cook/UMI – Sis. Virginia Fontaine-Love
Impact Newsletter Editor – Sis. Yolanda Mondy
KJA Scholarship – Ambassador Kerry J. Allen
Maude Conic Choral Festival – Bro. Franklin Turner
M.R. Conic Oratorical – Sis. Lynette Green
Operation Giveback – Sis. Jasmine Hooker
O.W. McInnis/John Plummer – Elder James Bryant
Program Committee Chairman – Elder Fred Taylor
Rainer B. Wilson Banquet – Sis. Tiandra Anderson-Bland
Spiritual Adviser and Chaplain – TBD

Website/Technology Consultant –  TBD

YAM Co-Coordinator – Elder Brad Buchanan
YAM Co-Coordinator – Elder David Kennebrew
Youth of the Year – Dr. Alicia Whittington