Teacher’s Toolbox

The Teacher’s Toolbox offers an array of resources to teach any age group at your church. This page serves as a Christian Education resource site to provide support when you’re looking for new and fresh ideas. Use the information below to create and present great Bible lessons for students of all ages!

Resources for All Ages

  • Open Network– this website is created by people who “love the local church.” It is a totally free website with resources for all ages. They have videos, lessons, games, and trainings to help develop your local church. You must join the website to use all of the resources offered.
  • Christianity Today– this website has bible studies grouped in various categories women, singles, seniors, etc. You do have to pay for most of these bible studies but they are great resources for the person who has no idea where to start.
  • Pinterest– this website is built for people to exchange ideas with one another. Once you create a free account you can search phrases like “Adult Bible Study;” “Youth Bible Study;” and “Children’s Bible Study.”   By searching these categories, “pins” will come up that you can explore and create bible lessons.
  • The Bible Project– this site is run by a non-profit animation studio. They produce fully animated videos to “make the Bible accessible to everyone, everywhere.” These video are about 6mins and can be a creative addition to your bible lesson.
  • Real Life Downloads– this site offers free lessons for upper elementary to adult students. They offer current event examples to help teach the lesson in a more relevant way.
  • Bible Games Central – this site is all about conveying Bible truths through fun and captivating activities. They offer a variety of games suitable for children, youths and even adults. Each game comes with Bible learning points, recommended scripture passages and discussion questions.

Elementary Resources

  • Kids Sunday School – this is a great site for games and other activities.  This site allows you to download for free and does not require any type of membership.  Some of the lessons are long, but the content is GREAT!
  • Sermons 4 Kids– this site offers sermons and lessons for free. The lessons are broken down by the book of the Bible they come from. They also offer sermons and lessons written by other users of the website. They offer coloring pages and lessons in Spanish as well.
  • DLTK’s Crafts for Kids– this site offers crafts, poems, songs, puzzles, games, and even recipes to create a This website can be used in conjunction with an existing lesson or as a starting place to build a lesson.
  • Children’s Ministry Magazine– this website provides Sunday School lessons for Preschoolers to Preteens. They offer bible activities and resources for parents and children ministry leaders.
  • Crossroads Kid’s Club– this is a YouTube channel with over 300 videos on various topics. The main theme of this website is animated “God’s Story” videos. The videos showcase bible stories as apart of the big picture of who God and Jesus are. Other playlists include God Made, and Kids Songs.
  • The Beginners Bible- this YouTube Channel is based on the Beginners Bible. This site offers about 100 animated videos that are 45minutes -60minutes in length. These videos include songs to convey the Bible message.
  • Share Faith- this website includes lessons for purchase. This site also includes vacation bible school lessons, graphic designers, website builder, and worship software to change your worship experience.
  • Mustard Seeds– this international site offers free and for pay resources to teach Sunday School lesson series. The lessons are ready to use and take the guess work out of creating a lesson. They have every step from start to finish. They offer sample lessons that include scripture texts, activities, coloring pages, and games.
  • Calvary Curriculum– this site offers members only resources “for those who minister to children worldwide.” This site offers children’s ministry training, “little ones curriculum,” and topical curriculum. They offer VBS packages as well as posters, and various trainings.
  • Let The Little Children Come – this site provides unique child evangelism tools designed to capture and hold the attention of children, while not distracting them from the core message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Get kids excited about sharing the Gospel with their innovative resources.

Middle/High School Resources

  • Student Ministry Resources – this site offers lessons based on passages of scriptures, but also applies great life principles within each lesson.  The lessons are listed based on what book of the Bible they come from.
  • U B David – video lessons are the highlight of this website.  If your classroom has multimedia capabilities, this site is great.  There are also printable lesson guides for the teacher to follow.
  • Mini Bible Lessons– this site specializes in one page lessons. Lessons that you can print and use the same day if need be.
  • The Source for Youth Ministry-this site offers free resources for youth ministries. They have more than just traditional bible lessons. They offer music discussions on various popular songs, games with a purpose, training resources, and even outreach event ideas if your HYM needs them.
  • Ministry to Youth- this site offers 40 free lessons. These lessons include ideas for icebreakers, lessons points, spiritual challenges, small group time, and closing. This website offers lessons for purchase to use as well.
  • Open Thou Mine Eyes– this site offers puzzles and games to supplement lessons you have created.
  • Sunday School Center– offers plays, skits, youth games, and lessons all for free. The lessons are on one of three topics- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  • Youth Worker– this site offers mini movies, worship tracks, small group lessons, etc. You do have to pay for most items on this website but the resources are quality.

Adult Resources

  • Adult Bible Studies – Either for the young professional or current college student, the lessons on this site really make you think about life in a different way.  The lessons may be ordered in booklets.
  • eBibleStudy– the site is a collection of free Bible study lessons written by Bible professors from Oklahoma Christian University. Each topic has at least 10 lessons which can help you go deeper into the bible study and really digest the word of God.
  • Rock Springs Baptist Church-this site offers bible studies written for Young Adults and College students. There are about 30 lessons that will help you reach young adults and discuss topics that are relevant to this age group.
  • Free Bible Studies- this site offers free printable bible studies. The lessons vary in length but are designed for small group interaction. There are discussion questions at the end of each lesson.
  • Padfield- A Bible Survey is a complete three year Bible curriculum for adults consisting of twelve Bible study guides each containing 13 lessons. The lessons cover both Old and New Testaments.
  • Thoughts About God – This is a great site for in-depth Bible study.  You can choose to study a book or a particular subject (i.e., the fruits of the Spirit).  Most of the lessons can be downloaded and printed.  These lessons are very teacher-friendly!
  • Disciple Making Teachers- This YouTube Channel includes over 20 videos on how to make disciples.

Leader Training Resource

  • Church Leaders – This site offers an array of resources that leaders on any level can learn from. They offer videos, podcasts, resources to worship leaders, children’s leaders, etc. This is an excellent website for anyone teaching the Bible at any level.
  • Church Leader Resources– This site offers articles, training programs, hot topics, small groups lessons, and even lessons in Spanish for your church to use when building lessons.
  • The North American Mission Board– This site has hundreds of resources for individuals that work on any level in the church. The have resources for pastors, ministry wives, chaplains, and church planters. They share events, podcasts, and even research that will help you at any place within your ministry.

Updated October 2020